Regular Season Training: November-March (folkstyle/collegiate style)Following the Super 32, we transition into our regular season training which for our older athletes is focused around supplemental training and refining the details in addition to their middle school and high school practices. We work with numerous high school coaches to keep our finger on the pulse of their training plans so we can provide the best support through our practices.

There is only so much physical training each athlete can do each day. During our in-season training, a significant portion of the focus revolves around mental preparation. We believe in sharpening the minds of our athletes not just for competition but beyond the sport in their daily lives. Our goal-oriented approach remains consistent across all groups, and we empower each athlete to chart their own path to success.

We understand that achieving greatness is not accidental; it requires dedication and effort. Those who invest their time and energy at The Compound will undoubtedly witness the results of their hard work. Embrace the challenges ahead, and together we hold the standard that so many CMP athletes have used to become state and national champions and world team members.

Why Folkstyle Wrestling

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