Regular Season Training: November-March (folkstyle/collegiate style)

After the Super 32 we start our regular season training. Most highschools start having their regular practices and the journey to becoming a State Champion begins! The Compound prides iteself in turning JV wrestlers into State Champions. We encourage all Highschool wrestlers to come get that extra work in. We all know that greatness doesn’t happen by accident. Those that put in the extra work at Compound will see results.

A LARGE portion of our in season training is focus around mental preparation and sharpening their minds for not only competition but in life. We are very goal oriented with all groups and encourage each athlete to set out their own plan for success.

Why Folkstyle Wrestling

  • Our main focus
  • Preseason begins in August
  • Regular Season begins in November
  • Focus on mental training
  • Goal oriented
  • Success on the mat and off

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