Strength TrainingSport specific lifting is a growing trend in youth and teenage athletics. Our training programs are designed to be sports specific. For example certain sports require explosion and horsepower like wrestling while others require fast twitch reactions and endurance like basketball. Having one general workout for both athletes would produce minimal results and waste time and money.

Our lifts are very specific down to the motions and repetitions the athletes will use in their sport while competing. We establish not only competition goals but lifting goals as well. Mapping out the progress of our regularly trained athletes is vital to fine tuning them into high level competitors. The power, polyometric and weight stations we have can accommodate any type of lifts required for our athletes and if we require an additional need to fill a training void we will fill it. We offer group and 1/1 training sessions for CMP members.

What should I bring or wear to class?Just wear your normal workout gear. Shorts, t-shirt or sweats. No special attire required unless instructed by the coach.

What special equipment do I need?Running shoes are ideal for optimal performance, if a specific training session requires additional equipment you will be informed by your coach in advance.

Where can I buy the equipment I need? You can purchase running shoes at any local sporting goods store or online.

A LARGE portion of our in season training is focus around mental preparation and sharpening their minds for not only competition but in life. We are very goal oriented with all groups and encourage each athlete to set out their own plan for success.

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