Youth / Fundamental WrestlingWelcome to CMPWC, where we believe in fostering a strong foundation through positivity and hard work for our youth and fundamental wrestlers. Whether our athletes achieve great success at a young age or take their time to progress, our unwavering philosophy remains the same as they advance in the sport. We pride ourselves on calculated training methods that ensure continuous growth and improvement.

While we prioritize the dynamic blend of positivity, detailed teaching, and consistent work in our training sessions, we understand the importance of discipline and a competitive mindset. As our wrestlers mature, we introduce structured expectations, goal setting, and time management skills to help them thrive not only in the sport but in life as well.

Our classes are designed to ignite excitement in our young participants, leaving them eager to return for more. We firmly believe in cultivating a stress-free environment where training becomes a source of joy and inspiration, not a source of dread. In fact, we welcome kids as young as 4 and 5 years old to join our empowering journey towards becoming skilled and mentally resilient wrestlers. Embrace the thrill of the mat while building character, discipline, and the drive to succeed both on and off the competitive stage.

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